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At Azor Ambiental we offer our customers maximum quality products and unbeatable service

Azor Ambiental S.A has a quality management system in place in conformity with ISO 9001:2000 standard, with certificate no. ER-078/1997 awarded by AENOR.
Management establishes the quality policy and provides the necessary resources to achieve the objectives included in the annual quality plan, making sure that the quality policy suits the organisation’s purpose.
Azor develops this policy through quality plans that result in objectives that are communicated to the different organisation’s levels
Our products comply with the relevant standards and specifications under which they are manufactured, as well as with the applicable safety and environmental regulations.
We ensure the analysis of our products through our daily verification of measurement equipment with traceable certified and recognised models (CRM).
The use of tools and improvement techniques enable us to anticipate the necessary changes to satisfy the implicit needs of our customers.
To this end, we continually invest in the best technology available both for the manufacturing processes and the control and information management processes.
The organisation turns the needs of our customers into design requirements for our products and processes and takes them through the quality function deployment (QFD) to all its areas, translating the experience of our customers into the adequate tool to respond to the future needs that will ensure our customers’ loyalty.
The rapid response to customers’ needs is one of our defining features in quality terms.
The improvement methodology is present in all our activities, all of which are oriented towards the minimisation of waste, the saving of materials through the adequate drafting for each one of our products, and the re-engineering of processes.
Knowledge management, applied to our traditional good practices, constitutes a highly positive balance in the use of our intellectual capital which, together with our process control, enables us to actively collaborate with our customers, guiding them in the use of our products and in the improvement of their processes.
The management review of these objectives, of the management system and of the quality policy ensures continual improvement.
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Azor Ambiental
C/ Beniel, Crta. de Madrid, Km 387.
Pol. Ind. “La Polvorista”.
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30500 Molina de Segura
(Murcia) Spain
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