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Azor Ambiental

AZOR Ambiental, 60 years recycling lead
The way we understand the environment – Sensitivity, Respect, Quality management and a prompt and flexible response to market demands – has enabled us to quickly expand at national and international level.
Its unique management model, based on innovation and flexibility, and the achievements attained have made Azor Ambiental one of the leading companies in the management of automotive waste and its conversion into useful products for society.
Since 1948, AZOR has been focusing on two major activities:
Automotive waste management.
Conversion, an industrial activity aiming at the recovery of resources.
Secondary lead smelting, taking the raw material mainly from the recycling of lead batteries and other type of scrap, has through history experienced a quick evolution based upon always environmentally friendly criteria and constant technology innovation in all the production processes.
The industrial activities carried out today are leading towards an increasingly greater production and meeting the most demanding quality standards in place. At the same time, we use the latter to respect and improve, insofar as it is possible, the environment we live in.
AZOR has been officially designated final waste Manager for the treatment of dangerous automotive waste and lead waste.
AZOR has a network of 163 collaborating centres that contribute to the collection of automotive waste, and employs 130 people.
In its recycling plan, AZOR currently deals with over 3,000,000 battery units and more than 10,000,000 automotive oil filters each year. AZOR produces over 40,000 tonnes of lead every year.
Waste Collection Service
Azor Ambiental
C/ Beniel, Crta. de Madrid, Km 387.
Pol. Ind. “La Polvorista”.
Cabezo Cortado
30500 Molina de Segura
(Murcia) Spain
T. + 34 968307025
F. +34 968835912
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