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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To be leaders in the recovery of lead in automotive batteries, in the production of lead and its various processed by valuing those resources.
Vision: To contribute, through our activities, to efficient resource management agreements to help conserve them so that they are available for present and future generations.
  • Environment. The company's commitment to the environment is reflected in their actions and in how to undertake their activities and future projects, always prioritizing the environmental component in their development.
  • Leadership: Innovation and anticipation allows us to be a leading company setting trends in our business.
  • Honesty: transparency, dialogue and collaboration are the basis of all our actions.
  • Excellence: It's the way we work to achieve success.
  • Customer focus and supplier: get the satisfaction of both is the basis of our approach to excellence.
  • Workplace Safety: our best investment is prevention.
  • Care for people: We believe in integration and equal opportunity.
Our corporate culture: Azor Ambiental wants to continue to grow on the basis of respect for the environment, their employees, suppliers, partners, customers and other stakeholders. Our suppliers and customers demand that their needs are being met and therefore Azor Ambiental works to exceed your expectations and thus establish bonds of mutual trust and long lasting.
Waste Collection Service
Azor Ambiental
C/ Beniel, Crta. de Madrid, Km 387.
Pol. Ind. “La Polvorista”.
Cabezo Cortado
30500 Molina de Segura
(Murcia) Spain
T. + 34 968307025
F. +34 968835912
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